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The technology underlying the Markssure service was developed over a period of more than 15 years, at great expense, by an intellectual property law firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the flourishing Carnegie-Mellon high-tech region.  Google itself has established a major facility in this area of Pittsburgh because of the fertile talent. MarkAssure is not affiliated with those entities, but, for example, CMU creates a very prolific environment for innovation that demands excellence.

Over many years, the law firm developed MarkAssure to serve its own clientele and high-technology requirements for protecting brands.  What happened was that MarkAssure become so successful that the law firm could not acquire law firm clients fast enough to match the power of the service. as a result, the service was augmented and released for direct use by assurance partners and brand owners, which includes other law firms, accounting firms, etc. MarkAssure is time-tested technology and one of the seminal monitoring services.

Now, MarkAssure is widely available to assist commercial enterprises, throughout the world, to preserve their marks.  MarkAssure is powerful, convenient and affordable.  An excellent business decision with tested advanced core technologies and service.


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